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Women arrive at the experience of menopause in a state of confusion, bewilderment, and fear. Is  menopause a disease? Are hot flashes, dizziness, forgetfulness and palpitations normal during the menopausal change? And when does perimenopause stop and menopause begin? And what about those studies!


Does hormonal replacement therapy cause cancer or prevent it?

It is hardly surprising that women know very little about menopause. Yes, they know that it's inevitable and they know that the menstrual cycle ends. But very few women actually know what is happening to their bodies, why certain discomforts or symptoms occur and, more important, what their options are for coping with and dealing with menopause.

Probably the question most frequently asked about menopause is,
"Is menopause a disease or a normal event?"  While some magazines and talk shows would have you believe that menopause with all its uncomfortable symptoms is a natural process of aging, other have built entire businesses on finding a cure for the dreaded state of "life change".

For centuries, women dealt with menopause in a variety of ways. Some used folk or home remedies to deal with annoying symptoms - such as hot flashes, sleeplessness and mood swings - that menopause sometimes brings. Others visited shamans, witch doctors or spiritualists to help conquer their discomfort. Today women often visit physicians who frequently prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which has spawned so much controversy. Many of these women, about 50%, never fill these prescriptions and either seek an alternative to HRT or go it alone and accept the risks and discomforts of menopausal changes without help. Read More About HRT And Women's Health Click Here

The question remains, Is menopause a disease? A normal part of life? Something to be dreaded? Do women around the world suffer from the harsh symptoms and worries associated with menopause?

Technically speaking menopause is a medical term that means the normal and complete cessation of the menstrual cycle, including both ovulation (the release of an unfertilized egg from the ovaries) and menstrual periods. So, with this in mind one can see that menopause refers to a woman's very last menstrual period. 
A woman is said to be "in menopause" when she has not had a period for one year or more.

Menopause usually takes place between the ages of 45 and 55, although some women experience their last periods in their 60's and in some cases in their 30's.
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Disrupted menstrual cycles and irregular periods are common flags of the time preceding menopause. This time is now commonly referred to as perimenopause and can last for years.

Perimenopause begins without symptoms and proceeds to a drop in hormone levels that are significant enough to cause the body to respond by producing hot flashes, changes in periods, some insomnia and mood changes. In addition some women complain of dizziness. Hormone sensitive tissues begin to shrink causing vaginal dryness, and urinary control problems. Bone mass begins to decrease and skin becomes thinner and looses some elasticity. Hair can become dry, thin and brittle. Read About Maca For Menopause   Click Here

What Are The Benefit's of Using Imperial Gold Maca For Menopause?

1000's of women around the world have been using this herbal remedy and calling it the "Peruvian Miracle",success stories are very abundant. It is well worth your time to read about it here. MACA You can also order it here, it comes with a 100% guarantee.

It is unfortunate that this picture of menopause has become one that many women think they must accept.
More than 40 million women are menopausal now in America. Within the next 25 years this number is expected to increase to 60 million. At the turn of the 19th century most women did not live past menopause. Public health interventions and applied medical research have extended women's lives, on average, by 30 years in the last century but for many menopausal women this longer life has only meant more years of poor health and disability. Too little is known about how to promote good health and prevent and manage the health of older women. Read More About Herbal Remedies Click Here

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